1. What Personal Protective Equipment do you use?

I wear a vinyl wash down apron that is disinfected with 10% bleach between clients, a N95 mask and I use single-use disposable gloves. I also have a full face visor to wear when needing to take close up measurements, and a full sneeze guard for placement on the display table between my clients and myself.

I also offer disposable masks for clients to wear and provide handwashing facilities. Please see our COVID-19 policy for more details — Click Here.



2. How many eyeglass frames do you carry and where are they from?

I have over 300 brand name frames for gentlemen and ladies, all from Canadian suppliers. I am a member of the Optical Buying Group of Canada, and source all my products through this reputable group servicing eyewear professionals.


3. Why are your prices so affordable?

I operate a mobile business, with few overheads, and no other staff. I secure great discounts for my clients from the Optical Buying Group of Canada and pass these on to my clients. When they give me free transitions, YOU get free transitions!



4. What optical lenses do you use, and how do you source them?

I use all branded high-quality digital lenses produced here in Canada and can access ANY name brand lens if you decide that is a better fit for you. I offer initially Orca Lens Lab Lenses (Vancouver) Glacier – Orca Lens Lab as they are my go to experts, and deliver promptly,  Optik K and R lenses, (Toronto lab), and Essilor lenses with Crizal coatings (Victoria lab). I try to keep my pricing the same, but sometimes some different branded optical lenses do have an extra charge applied to cover costs.


5. How do you do your measurements and maintain 6 feet distancing?

I am a Licensed Optician and learned the original measuring techniques first! I use a penlight and marker pen to take pupil distance and progressive height measurements from as far away as possible, and use POW measurements for everything else.
Position of Wear measurements are for;
Vertex distance (distance from the back of the lens to the front of the eye)
Wrap (angle of wrap around the face)
Pantoscopic tilt (angle of tilt of the front of the lens against the face).
These are all default measurements used by optical labs worldwide.


6. Why do you offer a mobile service?

I always wanted to provide a different, more private, and pleasant experience for buying new glasses that suited my customers. I enjoy providing exemplary customer service AND high-quality products at prices we can all afford to pay!